Season One, Episode 15
Air date February 4, 2015
Written by Kevin Williamson (created by)

Corey Evett
Matt Partney

Directed by Rob Seidenglanz
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My Hero

Lost and Found is the fifteenth episode of Stalker, and the fifteenth episode of the series.

Synopsis Edit

Beth and Jack investigate when a popular high school coach says he was attacked by a student.

Plot Edit

The team investigates when a popular high school coach claims he was attacked by a student, while Perry and Ray hatch a plan.


Main CastEdit

Recurring RolesEdit

Guest CastEdit

  • Cole Bernstein as Jenny Kline
  • Caitlin Carver as Alexis
  • Lauren Bowles as Monica
  • Andrew W. Walker as Coach Baker
  • Sofia Vassilieva as Dierdre

Stalker's AppearanceEdit

Featured MusicEdit



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